Covid and dentistry today

COVID and Dentistry today

So we are back working but its all rather different for now.

Currently, we are seeing emergencies first, then we will be seeing the patients who were in the middle of having treatment with us before we had to close due to COVID.

Our appointment times are now longer and we have to leave long gaps between treatments where we have used any aerosols (drilling). This means that we are seeing fewer patients in a day.

The hygienist, Sarah is back seeing patients, each patient is risk assessed before being booked an appointment.

We don’t know how long this will go on for but we work under the guidelines of the Cheif Dental Officer. Currently, we are in Phase 3, hopefully, things will be different if and when we go down to phase 2.

current alert level august

We will also look a bit different too, we now have to wear even more protective equipment, the usual masks and gloves we used to wear undergoing procedures are no longer valid at this time. so we look a bit more like this……


But remember, if you feel unwell or anyone in your home feels unwell do not come to your dental appointment.


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