We are still open!

Unlike the first lockdown we will be open through out this lockdown.

Why are we open through this one and not the first I hear?

Well, during the first lockdown we had to wait to find what kind of PPE and protocols we would have to use.

We had to find and get fit tested for FFP3 masks, we had to update and have longer cleaning sessions after each patient.

We now have this down to a fine art, appointment lengths are longer, we have deep cleans between appointments and sufficient air changes in our rooms.


As we are a NHS practice all staff are being tested for covid twice weekly.

2 thoughts on “We are still open!”

  1. Would you be able to take on a new patient on the nhs, I am a pensioner of 73 and I have a tooth that is playing me up and affecting my ear and side of my face, would like to catch it before it goes into an abscess. Can you help please
    Thank you

    Mrs L Andrews


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