Direct access dental hygiene appointments

Sarah our dental hygienist is happy to see patients that are not registered at our practice or are not registered at a dental practice.

As it’s the first time seeing her and we do not have your records, the appointment length is longer, to enable her to complete the clinical requirements for direct access.

Currently the first appointment length is 1hr charged at £80.

Further appointments for normal cleanings would be 30 minutes at £60.

At the appointment she will carry out the following:

Full dental charting

Basic periodontal examination (BPE) and if a code 3 or 4 is found a full 6 point pocket chart will be recorded

Oral hygiene assessment

Oral cancer screening

Oral hygiene instruction tailored to your needs

If BPE codes of 0,1 or 2 are found then a full mouth debridement and polishing will be carried out or started.

If you have not been for many years and there is a lot to remove then a further appointment may be needed at a further cost.

If BPE codes of 3/4 are found, then this is a diagnosis of gum disease and Sarah will provide you with a treatment plan for further gum disease treatment. The choice is yours if you want to have this treatment and if you chose not to have further gum disease treatment that is fine. As clinicians it is our duty to inform you of disease and the appropriate types of treatments.

Appointments for gum disease treatments vary depending on the severity and pocket depths. The treatment is normally carried out under local anaesthetic and is usually a couple appointments for an hour each, but she will tailor this to your needs and you will be quoted.

X-rays may be needed to determine bone levels and for us to be able to diagnose gum disease. If you have access to recent dental X-rays it would be very helpful to obtain them. Sarah can arrange for X-rays to be taken by herself or the dentist for a small cost.

Treatment is always tailored to you. There is no one size fits all!